January 18, 2013

Baby, Its Cold Outside!

Hot Whiskey with Honey, Lemon & Cloves

Curl up on your couch & beat the cold with one of these - its like medicine for the soul.

lemon wedges
handful of whole cloves
4 oz whiskey or rye
spoonful of honey
yield: 2 servings

1. fill a kettle with water & wait for the telltale whistle to indicate its readiness

2. spike lemon wedges with whole cloves

3. pour whiskey into each glass

4. fill each glass with hot water

5. spoon honey over the lemon wedge

6. let the lemon wedge steep for 1-2 minutes, as you would with a tea bag & then remove (i find this prevents the hot toddy from becoming sticky sweet)

7. repeat & enjoy!

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