February 12, 2013

Irish Oatmeal with a Tropical Twist

McCann's Steel Cut Oatmeal 
with Coconut, Chia Seeds & Fresh Mango

My breakfasts consist of a diverse rotation of foods most would not consider "normal" breakfast foods, including salads and turkey-avocado sandwiches. It is all the more exciting when I switch back to breakfast classics, including oatmeal. Steel Cut Oats are the least processed type of oat cereal and very high in protein, providing a filling start to the day. This overnight method cuts the cook time for steel cut oats dramatically, allowing these to come together easily in the morning.

3 cups water
1 cup coconut milk
1 cup steel cut oats
2 tbsp chia seeds
1 tbsp coconut flakes
~1/3 tsp fine grain sea salt
fresh sliced mango
yield: 4 servings

1. bring water & coconut milk (feel free to use lite coconut milk here) to a boil in a large pot. add steel cut oats, chia seeds, coconut flakes & salt. lower heat & simmer for 1 minute. note: the salt is necessary here to bring out the natural sweetness of the oats.

2. cover pot and store overnight in the fridge (or on the stove top, as I did)

3. the next morning, cook the oatmeal on low for 9-12 minutes; stirring occasionally.

4. serve with fresh sliced mango & pair with the morning beverage of your choice.

Suggested Alternatives:

feel free to treat the coconut as optional - both the milk & the flakes. instead use 4 cups water. feel free to experiment with a variety of toppings. 

--any berry will pair well with these oats, including blueberries & strawberries.

--when fresh berries are not in season, you can take a dried fruit & nut approach here - cranberries, apricots, almonds, hazelnuts would all work well -- add a drizzle of honey to pull everything together.

--sliced banana and a swirl of peanut or almond butter adds an extra protein punch. 

--flax seed can easily be used in lieu of chia seeds.

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