March 04, 2013

Cooking Disasters: Dinner on Fire

Yogurt-Marinated Lamb Chops

So do you want the good news or the bad news first? Well, here goes. The good news is that Andrei and I are under contract to purchase our first home together! 

It nice. Chain link fence and everything.

The bad news is that our excitement & fret about this pending financial commitment & looming change of neighborhoods got us in such a frenzy the other night that we caught our dinner on fire. We walked outside & our dinner was literally engulfed in flames. Alas, as Ralph from the Simpons would say, "It tastes like burning".

We have never mastered the art of yogurt marinated lamb chops & we committed to this challenge with a renewed sense of determination. We managed to collect a few scraps from these lambs chops and when they didn't taste like burning, they tasted mighty fine. Basically, we used a Fage whole yogurt, a handful of fresh, chopped mint & a minced clove of garlic to marinate, then lit up the grill, and well the rest has already been revealed. I am tempted to approach this challenge with a re-renewed sense of determination soon.

What did we end up eating for dinner that night you might ask? I scoured the contents of the fridge and found some chicken & artichoke sausages which we sauteed. We paired with sauteed spinach, shallots & garlic. Not bad for a back-up plan, which quickly proved a bit more satisfying than scraps of lamb that taste like burning.


  1. Shoulda left the grilling to the grillmaster...

  2. Shoulda left the grilling to the grillmaster...

  3. so the cocktails you guys had that day had nothing to do with it?!? jokes...glad you got this post up, well done!