March 13, 2013

Lately Sipping On: Blood Orange Infused Vodka

Blood Orange Infused Vodka

Do you ever make infused vodka? Its simple really, as simple as placing the raw ingredient into the vodka & letting it seep overnight. I recently stumbled upon some blood oranges & on a whim we seeped the peels in vodka. These ruby red citrus fruits are a rare treat in our household. And blood orange infused vodka gave new purpose to something we would otherwise throw away. Brilliant!

Citruses are common for vodka infusions, but don't let your creativity expire there. We were on a vanilla bean infused vodka kick for a long time, using beans we picked up on work travels around the world. In the DC area, Mari Vanna has an interesting selection of infused vodkas, including dill & horseradish, both suggested to be excellent in a bloody mary.

Perhaps this goes without saying, but no need to use really high end vodka when infusing other flavors into it. We used Svedka, but any mid-grade vodka would work just fine. The longer the ingredients seep, the more depth in flavor you will achieve. We drank this on the rocks with no mixer, but I suspect this would mix well into a champagne cocktail. We welcome any other cocktails suggestions!
photo credits: Andrei Sinioukov

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