March 15, 2013

Weekend Breakfast

Banana Pancakes
{orginal recipe from oh joy! blog}

What do you do with overly ripened bananas? I stumbled across this incredibly easy & healthy recipe on oh joy! blog and could not resist. I would imagine this would be appealing to little ones, or even grown-ups with a preference for breakfast on the sweeter side. Its a brilliant way to use up overly ripe bananas, especially if traditional banana breads have become a bit tired for you or if find yourself in a hurry.

1 very ripe banana, mostly browned
2 tbsp almond butter (i used maple flavored)
1 egg
~1 tbsp flour
1 pat of butter
yield: 4 small pancakes

1. smash banana together with almond butter (feel free to use peanut butter as well), egg
& scant sprinkling of flour, stir to combine into a uniform consistency

2. melt pat of butter over low-medium heat in a non-stick skillet pan

3. pour out batter into skillet to form round pancakes. once you can see small bubbles surfacing in the pancakes, the bottom side should be golden brown & they are ready to flip. cook on second side for about 30 seconds.

4. if you doubled this recipe, remove the cooked pancakes from the heat and keep warm. 

5. serve with a sprinkle of powdered sugar.

note: I experimented with different jams and a drizzle of honey, but these were so sweet that I found them to be best just eaten alone.

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