April 08, 2013

Hi, Again.

American Water Kitchen:
Re-Open for Business

Hi folks! Apologies for the brief interlude, but Andrei and I have been a bit busy to say the least. We settled on our new house, packed up our tiny one bedroom apartment, and moved into our new house! I am pleased to report (now that we have an internet connection!), our new house is slowly beginning to feel like home.

We are facing a lot of steep learning curves in our new digs, including figuring out where to find food. I will admit I somewhat full-on dread the learning curve of a new grocery store. But therein lies the potential for discovery down the road. Once I get the lay of the land in a new grocery store, I come to relish finding new & interesting ingredients and creating culinary challenges for ourselves. 

In anticipation of the disruption of our move, I filled the freezer with some homemade meals, to give ourselves some breathing room to get the American Water kitchen up & running. This worked for about a week, until we ate EVERYTHING. I was eventually forced to overcome the panic of entering a new grocery store. 

But there were many more meals out in the interim than I care to admit. You know the scene, the Chinese food delivery eaten with wooden chopsticks out of the container surrounded by packed boxes. Casual neighborhood diner meals that prove comforting amidst a sea of change for all of their "as expected" flare. Not to mention, the champagne toast & fancy bites to celebrate our arrival into our new home.

All things told, we have eaten rather well over the last week. However, another learning curve I am facing at the moment is capturing pictures to showcase recipes with you in the best possible light. My recent photos have left a bit to be desired. I plan to spend some time this week dedicated to that task. 

But perhaps this is a great time to learn from you. Now that American Water is re-open for business, what would you like to see more of on this site? Healthy, whole grain-based recipes? Feature ingredients with several different suggested recipes? Party menus? Brown bag lunch ideas? Real life kitchen disasters? More drinks & cocktails? More short-cut & snack ideas?

If I were to sneak in a photo or two of household projects (of which there are many down the line...) would you mind? or would that distract from the focus on food? Please take a moment to share a comment about what you would like to see more of in this space. Many thanks in advance for helping me make this blog most relevant and appealing to you!


Photo Credits: 

the one and only: William Eggleston

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