May 10, 2013

Exploring the Savory Side of Fruits

Week's Worth of Produce: Our Household

Following our post on what a week's full of groceries looks like around the world, I wanted to share some recent inspiration from our weekly Washington Green Grocer bounty. We get a large box of mixed vegetables and fruits delivered, which I am finding adds a nice produce-forward mentality to our meals, especially coming off of winter where meat-heavy, comforting meals take center stage.

Our first delivery literally had me dancing with delight in our kitchen. The pineapple was  a royal welcome into the club. 

After a few particularly inspired meals (which unfortunately I did not take the time to blog about), I realized the fruit:vegetable ratio in the box tipped far too much on the fruit side for us. I have basically come to learn one thing about myself, if something cannot be eaten with olive oil, I am generally not interested. 

Below I share a round-up of recipe links from my recent endeavor to explore the savory side of fruits - hopefully these will inspire you to combine ingredients in new and unusual ways. I have not yet tried all of these recipes, so cannot vouch for them.






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