June 07, 2013

Road Trip Eats: Maine Edition

Fiddlehead Ferns

We just took a long weekend trip to Maine, where the scenery was fantastic and the eating even better. We stuffed ourselves silly on lobster rolls, vowing on departure to not sample one again for a very, very long time. When not eating lobster rolls, we learned of another Maine delicacy -- fiddleheads. 

An early spring delicacy in Maine, fiddleheads are the coiled fronds of the ostrich fern. Fiddleheads bear a likeness to other familiar greens, like asparagus, however these must be boiled or steamed before sauteeing, baking or using in a stir fry. If you ever plan to go foraging for fiddleheads, you should be confident in your ability to discern the difference between the ostrich fiddlehead and other fern fiddleheads, as not all ferns are edible.

We served these alongside roasted potatoes and chicken enchiladas. This made for a very special family style meal on our last night in McFarland's Cove. Maine, I vow to return some day.

Photo credits: Andrei Sinioukov


  1. You went to Maine and you didn't call Joel? Who does that?

  2. I enjoyed a week in Maine about a decade ago - rented a house along the coast near Bath with some friends. Beautiful and relaxing time.